Is Graduating your New Years Resolution?

One of the most encouraging things about new years is the word “new.”  We get an opportunity to “do-over” When it comes to your educational goals for 2014 don’t fall into the trap of “I can’t.”

The word “can’t” is the antithesis of the word “new”

It’s so destructive. It cripples motivation, denies reality, and ultimately diverts responsibility.  I know, from personal experience, that people “can” meet and exceed their educational goals.  Of course, I am a proponent of doing so by online distance education.

In the movie City Slickers, Billy Crystal plays a radio advertising salesman going through a mid-life crisis. He and his friends deal with the humdrumness of life by participating in a cattle drive from New Mexico to Colorado — an experience that turns out to be a kind of epiphany for all of them. At the end of the movie as they prepare to return to New York and the familiar routine, Billy Crystal explains to one of those friends the concept of a “do-over.”

Do you remember, he says, when you used to play ball as a kid? Sometimes when you fouled things up, you would get a “do-over.”  Simply, it was a second chance to swing at the pitch.

2014 will soon be upon us and thousand of well intentioned people will make their “new years resolutions” — to have a do -over.  For some their ”do-over” will be to lose weight or start working out at a gym, others will seek to do something of significance, and still some will want to reconnect with distant family and friends.

A major do-over will be to reengage with “lifelong learning.”

For some this will mean completing the education they once started and doing so via online learning. You can do it.  You can find a school that will meet your needs.  2014 can be the year that you begin work on completing your degree.

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