Don’t be misled. Online learning isn’t easier…but its worth it.

One of the most common misconceptions regarding any online learning environment is that success in the course becomes an easier, more attainable goal.  As Anna Ya Ni finds in her research, this is not always the case.  When evaluating an online classroom that was designed to be as close as possible to its traditional counterpart, the fail rate was greater in the online environment than the traditional.

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Many of the students that are in the fail category were there due to not completing.  In fact, more students fail online courses due to poor attendance and participation than any other reason.

There’s moral here.  When you enroll in your online course, be prepared to work.  Just like in any other classroom that you have ever been in, the more that you put into it the more that you will get out of it and your scores will reflect that effort.

Here are a few tips:

1.  Get into the classroom at least every other day, even if your just “checking-in.  Statistics show that the more often you are in the classroom the more likely you are to succeed.  So, don’t be shy.
2.  Talk to your instructor.  Students often assume that it is “bothering” their instructor if they contact them while the contrary is actually true.  Your instructor wants to see that you are engaged so that he/she is able to help when needed.
3.  Do your homework.  The more that you study between “check-ins” the more that you will find that you enjoy being in the classroom.  So, get out there and search the library (and Google)…you never know what you’ll find that will pique your interest.

At LifeLong Studies, we do everything that we can to ensure that you successfully complete your course.  Not only are you not alone in the classroom, your personal instructor will be there with you every step of the way to be your mentor, coach and guide.  If you ever need a little extra oomph to get the job done, our instructors are experts at helping you find that extra bit that it takes to succeed.



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  1. Lesa Buffer says:

    I’ve never taken an online class and I’m asking how it works. For the Microsoft courses, do I have to have the Word,Excel,PP, and Publisher on my computer to take the classes or am I logging in somewhere that I have access to the courses?

  2. Unknown says:

    Thanks guys, great info. I’m going to bookmark your site, good job!

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